From the start in year 1992 until you read this today , the company has had an important role in the developement of new control strategies throughout the whole  area of automation and regulatory systems.

We look at the whole chain of information before making a decision on how to control. Issues and topics may be:

  • use of raw materials and energy
  • product quality
  • polutions to the enviroment
  • process cycletime
  • operators skills
  • factory routines

The Scope of supply may include some items or the whole chain dealing with:

  • control strategy design (system design documents)
  • programmable controllers and PLC
  • operator interfaces
  • instruments
  • final control elements
  • critical calculation regarding process demands and items properties
  • enviromental demands
  • factories existing needs and for future
  • optimization of existing plants with respect on Your Ideas and Demands

Many prototypes of control systems have been developed for further upscaling.




This company profile is under constructions and change. Do not hesitate to contact by means of +47-90624220 or just send an E-mail.

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