Scope of supply- application

GMP batch sequence control based on manual weighing of additives vitamins A,D,E. Operator Panel with failproof Operator Interface and Graphic Dynamic Process Guidelines

High Pressure Boiler Control for turbine driven propulsion engines. 560 degree celsius,     72 barG,  110T/hour fuel consumption 

Special made control for crystallization of fish oil, with respect on Operator Skills and maximum benefit

Control strategy design for high pressure boiler control with 2 drums based on lead-lag/ air-fuel principle, optimization regarding surplus of Oxygen in Exhaust Gas and Diagnostic Features.

Prototype development and Full Scale Delivery of Gas Mix Systems with Operator Panels, diagnostic alarm functions for flamesealers based on different types of fuels. Stoichiometric Combustion.

Prototype development of Leak Detection system for Flexible Risers for the oil and gas upstream industry.

Control strategy design for Toaster(Dryer) for animal flour based on Steam – mass and thermic balance

Batch reactors control for expanding monodisperse collections

Control Batch Ractors control for Formalin production

Control Batch Reactors control for X-ray contrast dye

Control Batch Reactors control for reflux temperatur second loop target

Gas pressure control system for furnaces with sealed cover- Ferro-Mangan

Control system optimization (PI) and control strategy guidelines for Synchronization of Streamers Back Deck operation Vessels Ramform Titan and Atlas.

Speed control Cargo Pumps crude oil tankers

Complete control of regenerative Pasteurs Margarine Factories

Total Supply, from Process Analyzis Demands to Engineering of System for Factory Cooling Water with Redundancy Storage Tank, made for Vacuum Pumps, Destillation Towers and Oil Boost Heaters

System for Steam based Heat Exchanger. Purpose Sterilization of recirculated glascontainers 




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